9 février 2014

Don't forget him!

Sitting in Philippe ´s studio, i am writing to you. Times are so hard and painful, emptyness is all around us, but our suffering will be even worst if you, fans of Philippe Delaby were to stop thinking about him. I only have one thing to ask you, keep talking about him all around you, share his work with your children, your family, and your friends, show them how amazing the artist was. Don ´t forget him now and for the years to come. I will try to keep posting on his blog. I have received so many kind words from people that i ´ve never met, that bring me strength. All these years i have always been there next to him to push him forward as did his friend and writer Jean Dufaux and his close friends but this would have been useless without you as you were a part of his life too. Philippe still needs you, to make sure that his work, his amazing realistic art does not fade away. Thank you so much for showing your admiration over the years. Thank you for making this great man to be alive amoung you. 


1 commentaire:

  1. Je vous assure que l'oeuvre de Philippe est bien connue en Flandre aussi. Il manquera à chaque ami de BD, n'importe où. Quand un nouveau tome était sorti, je le lisais 3-4 consécutives, pour ne pas manquer un seul détail qu'avait dessiné le maître. Merci, Philippe, et aussi mr. Dufaux, pour m'avoir donné toutes ces heures de joie!
    J'étais vraiment en choc quand j'ai appris la nouvelle: le choc a disparu, mais la tristesse reste. Sincères condoléances a sa famille.